“It seems only fitting that a philosopher who abhorred rootlessness and thoughtlessness should become the object of Michal Aharony’s empathic and thoughtful critique — a moving complement to Arendt ’s pathbreaking work on totalitarianism.” —James Miller, New School for Social Research

There is no doubting the importance of Aharony’s subject or the value of her contribution to the understanding of it. Her book is thoroughly researched, uses original material as well as published texts, and is coherently presented and well written … Congratulations must be given to Michal Aharony on an excellent and important addition to our understanding of a very complex and challenging subject.” Raymond Auerback, The Wiener Library. Full review can be found here.

“By the time … Aharony (has) finished her critique, a reader has good reason to question very influential ideas of once highly regarded formative figures in the study of the Holocaust. Rarely in the annals of modern scholarship have so few so maligned so many at so great a cost to Truth and Honor.” – Arthur Shostak, Department of Sociology, Drexel University, The European Legacy. 

Arthur Shostak (2017): The Holocaust: Telling and Retelling, The European Legacy, DOI: 10.1080/10848770.2016.1278127. Full review can be found here.

This is a good book. Its advertised purpose is to correct a one-sidedness in Hannah Arendt’s construction of totalitarianism: namely, that Arendt reflects very deeply on the animating logic of totalitarianism’s perpetrators, but curiously little on the perspective of the victims. Viewed in larger perspective, the book also contributes to an ongoing discussion. That is a discussion in which Arendt’s voice is fundamental, and which concerns how we ought to interpret the significance of the institution of the concentration camp—both for the practice of totalitarianism and, indeed, for modernity at large.” – Richard Shorten, Arendt Studies

Richard Shorten, Arendt Studies, Volume 1, 2017, Pages 177-180.
DOI: 10.5840/arendtstudies2017111. Full review can be found here.